Daily pencil crayon drawings (or coloured pencil paintings if you're THAT kind of artist) of a variety of subjects on mini bristol cards. NSFW drawings will be posted beneath a cut. Thanks for following! Wish me luck!

The Weekly Specials

Twitter Tuesday: I take suggestions from twitter on what to draw.
To suggest subjects for Twitter Tuesday follow me on twitter and wait for the prompt on Tuesdays.

Tumblr Thursday: I’ll be taking suggestions from my ask box on Tumblr.

Illustration Friday: Illustration Friday is a well known illustration prompt site.

Sexy Sundays: I draw something risqué, taboo and often behind a cut.


Lineart - November 9th, Day 312

This looked a lot better the night that I did it. The morning after not so much. This a metaphor for life?  Maybe not. 

Twitter Tuesday: The Music of Enya - November 8th, Day 311

Suggestion from @emilyamily! I actually got Enya’s Greatest hits for this and tried some automatic drawing. Did I win? Is this winning? 

Just a reminder that as well as doing Twitter Tuesday I also do Tumblr Thursday and need regular suggestions to keep me going. It can be anything you’d like and it can be anonymous! Joy! Go! Now!

FOOLS! - November 7th, Day 310

Some of you will understand this. Some of you will not. I hope everybody enjoys. 

Sexy Sunday: Magpie Woman Two - November 6th, Day 309

Yeah I know, a bit lazy. This magpie woman is getting sexy with somebody though. See? Extra sexy. I want to draw a lot more of this lady. Oh wow, I just loaded this up and this looks a lot better in person..seriously. Oh well. 

Illustration Friday: Stripes - November 4th, Day 308

I could have gone all fancy with this one but I took the easy suggestion, because that’s what I do during this part of the challenge. 

Tumblr Thursday: Wind - November 3rd, Day 307

This one comes from Rozie! Yay! 

Wind. And I mean like “blowing air” not someone winding something around something else. Unless that’s what you want to draw?” 

It was tempting to go with “wind” the british word for “fart” but decided to do something pretty instead. I know, we’re all disappointed. 


Magical Magpie - November 2nd, Day 306

Man I am NOT going to win the award for consistent blogging. Maybe I’ll make that my challenge next year. 

Anyway the week I did these I was researching magpies for my business cards. Thus, a lot of magpies. I love magpies. 

Twitter Tuesday: Kittens in a Pie - November 1st, Day 305

The first and only suggestion my boyfriend has ever made without me directly asking him. Approve. He’s @ass_in_class on Twitter but his twitter kind of sucks. 

Not Halloween Themed - October 31rd, Day 304

Only suckers cater to holidays. I was so not feeling Halloween this year. Boyfriend and I hid at home and stuck a bowl of candy outside and were hermits for Halloween.