Daily pencil crayon drawings (or coloured pencil paintings if you're THAT kind of artist) of a variety of subjects on mini bristol cards. NSFW drawings will be posted beneath a cut. Thanks for following! Wish me luck!

The Weekly Specials

Twitter Tuesday: I take suggestions from twitter on what to draw.
To suggest subjects for Twitter Tuesday follow me on twitter and wait for the prompt on Tuesdays.

Tumblr Thursday: I’ll be taking suggestions from my ask box on Tumblr.

Illustration Friday: Illustration Friday is a well known illustration prompt site.

Sexy Sundays: I draw something risqué, taboo and often behind a cut.


Illustration Friday: Stripes - November 4th, Day 308

I could have gone all fancy with this one but I took the easy suggestion, because that’s what I do during this part of the challenge. 

Illustration Friday: Scary - October 28th, Day 301

I think this is definitely the worst IF. I had a whisky thing that night and didn’t have time to do this before hand. Another post-drink extravaganza! 

It’s a little scary? 

Illustration Friday: Fuel - October 21st, Day 294

Oddly enough I went “oil slick” as soon as I read fuel. Probably partly influenced by my stupid, leaking car. 

Illustration Friday: Scattered - October 14th, Day 287

All I could think about was the beautiful, beautiful leaves and then my beautiful, beautiful useless, scattered mind. 

It’s not very beautiful. Mostly scattered. That’s why I made a day planner. 

Illustration Friday: Contraption - October 7th, Day 280

The minute I saw this IF suggestion I couldn’t stop thinking about bras. I think that says more about me than the prompt word. Look, I made it sciency! 

Illustration Friday: Hibernation - October 1st, Day 273

This was a timely Illustration Friday prompt. That’s basically what I did on Friday. I tried to go to work for two hours but then had to go home sick. It was rough. 

This drawing reflects that. 

Illustration Friday: Ferocious - September 23rd, Day 266

Yup I went on another unplanned blogging hiatus. Holiday, sickness, whatever. ONWARDS AND UPWARDS. 

The house I was staying in Halifax contained a dog. I thought he would be a natural model for this illustration friday. I did it from memory though so he didn’t come out quite as accurate as hoped but I captured his ferocious spirit. 

Everybody, meet Alex. 

Illustration Friday: Boundaries - September 9th, Day 252

This is a weird interpretation of Illustration Friday’s prompt, “Boundaries”. This is kind of a bridge between boundaries. Sleeping totally cuddled up sucks in the summer but sometimes just holding hands is nice. 

Illustration Friday: Mysterious - September 2nd, Day 245

Confession (or non-confession depending on how well you know me) I did this one SUPER drunk after a beautiful birthday dinner my lovely boyfriend took me to. This dinner was a full four course meal with a martini (very dry, gin, olives, straight up) and a wine with every course. SUPER drunk. 

I came home and made this. At least it’s somewhat thematic. 

Illustration Friday: Disguise - August 26th, Day 238

This is a picture of a goomba in a disguise. I was kind of drunk. 

This is also the post where I realized that I missed posting a drawing oooh, about a month ago so I had to go and adjust all the dates and numbers and now I have to figure out how to insert a post into this timeline. FML.